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Math puppet show | Goldilocks and the 3 Bears in: It’s Just Right

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Children may not realize it, but Mathematics play a very important role in all of our lives. Mathematics enable us to solve many problems that we face in on a day to day basis. Getting children interested in Mathematics can be challenging for many parents and teachers. That’s why we at Happy Bright Kids have developed a puppet show to help overcome this hurdle. Why a puppet show? Puppet shows have been found to be very engaging to young children. When a puppet talks, kids listen.
HappyBrightKids presents: Goldilocks And The Three Bears In “It’s Just Right”. This educational puppet show is a spin on the classic tale of Golidlocks and the Three Bears with an informative Math twist! Fun and full of laughs, this show follows Goldilocks as she tries to measure out the perfect bowl of oatmeal.The three bears help out along the way, and introduce a variety of Math concepts in a simple and fun way that the children can follow along with.
This show comes with original music, a behind the scenes look at how the show was performed, and a teachers guide.

Science Message / by Jungle Joe

headphonesMathematics Message / by Jungle Joe
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  • Audience Size: up to 300


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user_commentFrequently asked questions
Up to how many children can you perform for at once?

We can perform for up to 200 kids at once. However, our shows are heavily reliant on interaction, so having a large amount of children in a single audience will not allow all of them to interact with the puppets and get the most out of the performance. For this reason we suggest splitting up large audiences and booking multiple shows. We offer a multiple booking discount for shows booked on the same day to help accomodate this.

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* Hello Joe !
You performed for our conference in Pebble Beach at the Stevenson School last summer and were quite a hit.I was wondering if you would be interested in performing for our students again…
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Stacey Gardner
Project Coordinator- Scholar Services
National Young Scholars Program

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