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Jungle joe has a real name : Naceur Boujja

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kids party entertainerDuring performances he’s known as Jungle Joe, the hilarious, multi-talented kids party entertainer, but off-stage he has a real name: Naceur Boujja (or you can simply call him Joe). His love for performance and entertaining others started at a very young age. Growing up in a family of ten children (six brothers & three sisters), he always had a crowd to perform for. During his teenage years, long before he was a kids party entertainer, he earned extra money playing guitar, banjo and drums at local events and weddings. Now happily married himself with five children, he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is still doing what he does best, performing! Jungle Joe has been a kids party entertainer for over a decade and a half in the San Francisco Bay Area. He got his start as a kids party entertainer when he volunteered to entertain kids while working at the American Lung Association. During this period he quickly rediscovered his passion for entertaining audiences and for the art form of puppetry. Joe has perfected his performance style as a kids birthday party entertainer over the years, and can adapt his puppet show to any age group from toddlers to preteens, even the adults have a great time! His mix of puppetry, ventriloquism, illusions and humor have made him a top choice for kids party entertainment in the Bay Area, as anyone who has seen one of his shows can attest.

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user_commentFrequently asked questions

Up to how many children can you perform for at once?

We can perform for up to 200 kids at once. However, our puppet shows are heavily reliant on interaction, so having a large amount of children in a single audience will not allow all of them to interact with the puppets and get the most out of the performance. For this reason we suggest splitting up large audiences and booking multiple puppet shows. We offer a multiple booking discount for puppet shows booked on the same day to help accomodate this.

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Customer testimonials

* Joe !
Your puppet show was Amazing. You kept their attention for over an hour and they left wanting more. Thank you so much for enriching our school summer program.
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Loren Canedas
Belle Haven School
415 Ivy Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025

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