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Elementary school assembly programs, After school programs

Science is nothing but perception ... Plato

Elementary school assembly programs

Energy is All Around

puppet show description  Show Description


Elementary school assembly programs. Children are, by nature, very adventurous and curious. They enjoy observing and discovering how things around them work. As such, they have a natural inclination towards exploring science. However as anyone who works in schools or after school programs will tell you, it’s not always the easiest task teaching them about it. Here at Happy Bright Kids, we would like to foster this budding interest in science in a way that makes kids excited about learning. That’s why we are offering our brand new energy-themed puppet show to help nurture this budding interest in science. Children are highly engaged by puppet shows, so it’s a great tool to use for introducing basic science concepts in a fun and memorable manner. Some schools, after school programs and libraries have trouble holding the kids’ attention, but with puppets doing the teaching, kids will have a hard time looking away! This educational show follows Jungle Joe the animal trainer as he explores the world of energy and learns all about what it has to offer. Along the way we’re introduced to a colorful cast of animal puppets who all have something to say about energy! Kids will learn what energy is, the different forms that it comes in, how energy is obtained and used, and what they themselves can do to help conserve energy. This is great for elementary school assembly programs, after school programs, science fairs and libraries. Not only do we bring all of the puppets, this show also comes with original music, audience interactivity and a teachers study guide. [more info…]

headphonesEnergy is All Around Song
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  • Energy is all around us

Without energy, your body wouldn’t grow, your car wouldn’t move, the lights in your house wouldn’t work

  • Food Energy

Energy that animals (including humans) derive from their food

  • Energy Conservation

Turn off lights in any room when lights are no longer needed

Elementary school assembly programs

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user_commentFrequently asked questions

Up to how many children can you perform for at once?

We can perform for up to 200 kids at once. However, our shows are heavily reliant on interaction, so having a large amount of children in a single audience will not allow all of them to interact with the puppets and get the most out of the performance. For this reason we suggest splitting up large audiences and booking multiple shows. We offer a multiple booking discount for shows booked on the same day to help accomodate this.

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Customer testimonials

* Joe ! Your show was Amazing. You kept their attention for over an hour and they left wanting more. Thank you so much for enriching our after school programs. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Loren Canedas Belle Haven School 415 Ivy Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025

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 (Characters) Energy is All Around

Jungle Joe

An Animal trainer who is helping the audience learn about energy.  His animals are often disobedient and give him a hard time. Despite this, he acts as if everything is under control.


A bird that loves learning about new things. Once he is focused on something, Jungle Joe has a hard time getting him to pay attention to anything else.


A donkey that can burst into fits of laughter at a moment’s notice. His favorite food is apples.


A chimpanzee who’s crazy about conserving energy. As the name suggests, he tends to sneeze a lot.

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