Dinosaur theme party


A dinosaur theme party is perfect for your little one that’s obsessed with dinos. Dinosaurs have been very popular with kids for years, so it only makes sense that a dinosaur party is among the more popular birthday party themes. Throwing a dinosaur birthday party can be a lot of fun and inspire creativity.

Hosting a dinosaur birthday party can be as simple as providing some dinosaur themed plastic silverware and cake at the party. It can also be as elaborate as setting up dinosaur theme party decorations around the house and backyard, or even having the kids come dressed up as their favorite dinosaurs. A dinosaur theme party is also a great opportunity to have some party games, like a dinosaur egg scavenger hunt or pin the tail on the t-rex.

We offer a dinosaur explorer theme package that goes great with any dinosaur theme party, and will tie all of the activities right into your theme. The activity coordinator even shows up in costume!

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