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Birthday party games for kids, party games tips & ideas

Have you ever watched children play Musical Chairs?
When the music stops, the children shove and push each other to get to a chair. The first one to lose, has to sit out all alone for the rest of the game.
As birthday party games progresses, the kids become even more aggressive.

The same goes for Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Everyone laughs at the uncoordinated child with no sense of direction who completely misses the intended target. Birthday party games for kids may be a “good sport” and participate in the laughter, but inside they may feel embarrassed and a little humiliated.
Some kids will stop at nothing to be the winner, while others may fell hurt and brake out into tears.
The above games are typical examples of competitive games. Competitive games may pit kids against one another. They teach kids to push, shove, tip and trick to win the game. There is usually just one winner and the rest are losers. Birthday party games for kids to have fun and be part of the group or team. They don’t want to sit out and feel rejected, or hurt.

Cooperative games
are games that include everyone. Every child is included. There is no anxiety or fear of losing the game and there is no added pressure to win either. Cooperative games make kids feel good about themselves and about others in the game. They encourage kindness, sharing, self esteem and teamwork.
In this section you will find a variety of cooperative games for everyone to join in the fun.

Tip: for any group planned activity, give the kids only two choices.
Join in the game or sit and watch. Every game needs an audience.

Kids face painting
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