Make a Birthday Party Enjoyable for Everyone With a Clown

clown party entertainment

As a parent hosting your child’s birthday party, you want to ensure that all of your guest are kept engaged and entertained. The party should be exciting and memorable, and hiring party entertainment (such as a clown) is one of the best ways to ensure that it is. There are many options for party entertainment, including the aforementioned clowns, magicians, puppeteers, ventriloquists, jugglers, balloon twisters, face painters, bubble shows, animatronics, party game coordinators and more. Out of all of the options offered for party entertainment, clowns may just be the most varied. Clowns can offer standard clowning, as well as many other options that other party entertainers offer as a standalone service. Some clowns offer combinations of balloon twisting, face painting, magic, puppetry, ventriloquism, bubbles and party games.

Choosing the best clown

As you are checking around online, you will likely find at least a handful of options for local clowns offering party entertainment. Compare what services each of them have to offer, as well as the price. Be sure to check reviews and view any sample pictures or videos so that you can get a better idea of the quality. Once you have narrowed down your choices for clown party entertainment, check for availability to ensure that they are available for your scheduled time frame.

Other party entertainment options

There are other party entertainment options that are similar to clowns if you are open to other options. Usually you will also find some costumed party entertainment options who offer the same services (listed above) that many clowns do. These party entertainers will show up in-costume as a superhero, princess, pirate, ninja, Jedi, etc. They usually have costume options for a variety of themes and franchises that are popular with kids. These may even be a better choice than a clown if you find a costumed performer who offers a theme that your child is very interested in. You can even plan the entire party around the theme as a tie-in. Costumed performers are also a good alternative if some of the kids who will be at your party are afraid of clowns (if you are planning to hire a clown, you may want to check with the parents in advance just in case).

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